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What's Team K9 All About?

Meet the Instructor and Hear How it Works!

About Team K9 Membership

Hoomans aged 12 to 17 are encouraged to bring their best dog friend (any age) to this social and exciting club!

  • Daily games to play with your dog
  • Weekly LIVE social video class
  • Private community where you can post video and chat with classmates
  • Weekly and monthly skill challenges
  • Amaze your friends and family!

Enroll Anytime and Choose Your Favorite

Complete a few easy things to get started and then choose which area to focus on every week! A Live Class will show you how. A private community chat is available to ask questions, make friends and post video of you and your dog completing weekly challenges.

  • 1

    Wahoo! Start Here

    • You are a Team K9 Member!

    • Permission Form (You knew there'd be one!)

    • Submit a "Before" Video

    • ZOOMING (aka: Coming to the Online Meeting)

    • NOTES: September 2020

  • 2

    Dogcentric - Stuff to Know About Dogs

    • Breeds - what do you think is the purpose of your dog's breed?

  • 3

    Trick Challenges

    • Get Started with Tricks!

  • 4

    Secret Signals Challenges

    • Doggie Body Language - by Lili Chin

  • 5

    Indoor Agility Games

    • Couch Parkour

  • 6

    Scent Games

    • The Nose Knows!

  • 7

    Enrichment Challenges

    • 30 Days of Fun Calendar (start any day!) Print and record once a month to track your dog's progress!

    • Ain't Misbehavin' - by Lili Chin

  • 8

    Health and Safety Games

    • What Other Species Can Do, Your Dog Can Do!

  • 9

    Manners and Obedience Training

    • Sit and Down

    • Leash Manners Step 1

    • Stay Step 1 (puppy version)

    • How to deliver food rewards

    • Leash Manners: Box Step Game

    • Stay plus Go Find the Treats (adult dog version)

  • 10

    Members Only ZOOM Recordings

    • Here are links to the recorded meetings

NEW TIME! Interactive Online Class Meets every Monday 4pm Pacific

Join anytime and learn at your own pace! Registration is for one teen and dog pair.


  • What if I have a puppy?

    Puppies are welcome to join with their hooman. It's best if puppy is at least 8 weeks old. Be sure puppy has pottied outside prior to classtime!

  • Is my dog too old?

    Nope. All dogs can learn at any age. Sometimes older dogs might need a bit more practice, especially if what they are learning is very different from what they are used to doing, but grey muzzles are very welcome in class so long as their vet approves of engaging in fun training games.

  • What if we have more than one dog?

    Single file, please! One dog per student registration. For everyone's enjoyment, please confine all other pets away from the enrolled student and pet's classroom space during online meetings and training sessions.

  • What if we have more than one teen?

    Each registration is good for ONE hooman and a dog. Each teen will have their own account registration, login and identity in the community group so that each one may equally participate in challenges. The same dog may be used by both kids, with careful attention to not overwork or tire the dog out!

  • What kind of dog is NOT allowed?

    Unsafe dogs are not allowed. Examples of unsafe dogs include: dogs who control space by growling or snapping; dogs who take treats too roughly; dogs who are physically too large for the child to handle; dogs who are anxious in the child's presence. If a dog is viewed as unsafe toward the child during a training class, the issue will be gently pointed out by the instructor with the parent present. If there is a way to continue working with the dog safely, modifications may be made with permission of instructor. Please evaluate your own family pet for safety with your child.

  • Are there refunds?

    No. There are no refunds.

  • What if we need to miss a class?

    Classes are recorded. Please email the instructor to request a copy of the class recording for the week(s) you miss. Please continue to participate in the private community to keep up on all the conversations and sharing.

  • What materials do we need?

    1. A dog. Almost any dog will do. 2. Treats. Teeny tiny soft treats (like pea-sized bits of lunchmeat, cheese, or prepared commercial dog treats will work.) 3. Space to play with the dog during class 4. A buckle collar and fixed-length 6-foot leash (no retractable leads) 5. Creativity and a good attitude!

  • What if I've never trained a dog (or trained lots of dogs) before?

    Perfect! You'll learn a lot and have fun doing it! We promise!

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