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Callie Gisler

Hi there, I'm Callie! More than eight years ago, I started my career on the corporate PR agency scene in Portland, Oregon, where I worked with national brands across the fitness, food and beverage, and lifestyle industries. You can learn a lot from the four walls of a cubicle. My education came from managing national strategic communications efforts, creating content for global brands, and launching digital storytelling campaigns. And while I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could in the early years of my career, it didn't take me long to realize that “traditional agency life” wasn't working for me. Success was measured by our ability to upsell clients on services they didn't always need, we billed projects in 15-minute increments, and my performance was based on my total billable hours, not the quality of my work. Long story short? I hated the way I was serving clients. Fast-forward a couple of years to where I found myself managing communications for a local nonprofit. It was my favorite job. But also where I learned the most important lesson in my career: You can find a balance between purpose and profit. I started Coffeehouse Communications from a deep-rooted belief that there was a better way to serve my clients and the world around me, while telling stories that really mattered. I'm a graduate of the University of Oregon with degrees in public relations and journalism, as well as a minor in creative writing. Away from the office, you can usually find me sipping my way through Portland's many wineries, breweries and coffee shops or spending time outside with my partner and Renney, our tenacious corgi puppy.