Catherine Comden, B.A., CPDT-KA

Growing up with working dog handlers (police K9/Search and Rescue) Catherine learned well how to “Get lost” in the woods. The dogs kept bringing her home. After raising 4 guide dog puppies and becoming a licensed vet tech, Catherine became a professional dog trainer in 1990. After earning a bachelor degree in psychology at the University of Montana, she was a veterinary behavior technologist at Purdue University, a behavior program manager at a large, open-admissions shelter and a service dog trainer at a psychiatric hospital. She has developed and instructed prison dog training programs, kids camps and professional dog trainer courses. She has coached thousands of pet parents to reach their goals. She has coached hundreds of professional dog trainers to pass the CPDT-KA exam. Catherine has worked as a business advisor to entrepreneurs in multiple industries. Catherine believes learning is always more successful when it is fun and engaging for the humans and the dogs. Catherine is the mother of two grown men and lives in Oregon with one opinionated Australian Shepherd and a “fluffy” cat.

What's Included

  • Video Instruction

    Each of the 6 modules includes step-by-step video instruction of the content and how you can CUSTOMIZE the 5-T Coaching Method to YOUR business.

  • Templates Included

    Get templates to help you learn the 5-T Coaching Method and easily craft scripts for your audience.

  • Refresh Your Classes

    Many examples of creative ways to implement the 5-T Coaching Method to any dog training speciality.

  • Connect with Dog Pros

    Get great feedback from dog training professionals who are helping people just like you. Grow your professional network and stop brainstorming all by yourself.

  • Bonus Content

    Lots of bonus content to help you dive deeper on topics like building customer relationships, marketing and how to easily get referrals!

  • Inner Circle

    If you want personalized attention and accountability to implement the 5-T Coaching Method, check out our Inner Circle Experience.


Her Approach Works!

John Klarquist, DVM

From the first time I worked with Catherine I was impressed by her understanding of this very unique market of animal behavior instruction. She has introduced a wonderful set of puppy socialization classes at our hospital and that has helped us enhance and solidify our relationships with new clients and first time puppy owners. Instead of adding responsibilities to our staff, her approach gives our staff additional time to talk about other puppy health issues. I believe that her approach can work in many practices and bond clients to that practice creating better behaved puppies that owners can enjoy.”

Excellent Instructor - Guided Me Beyond My Expectations!

Nina Feltman, CPDT-KA

I met Catherine Comden 5 years ago when I enrolled in her CPDT-KA test preparation class. I took the class to continue my education in dog training but didn’t necessarily plan on actually taking the CPDT-KA exam. Over the two or more months of the class, I found Catherine to be an excellent, caring, encouraging and empathic instructor and mentor with a gentle spirit. Her classes are well organized, participatory and presented in a very understandable manner. She seeks to meet the needs of her students and guides them beyond their own expectations. In my case, with Catherine’s guidance, I did take and pass the CPDT-KA examination. Catherine continues to be a caring friend, mentor and listening ear. I can highly recommend her as a knowledgeable instructor with a solid understanding of the dog training world. She has excellent skills working with dogs and teaching people and brings those two areas together in a way that helps her students flourish.

Catherine is a Gifted Teacher

Deb Konkol, CVT

“As a Certified Veterinary Technician for more than 20 yrs, a member of the Society for Veterinary Behavior Technicians, and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, I feel that …Catherine’s material, teaching style, and ability to communicate the correct information quickly, clearly and completely, is a must have in all veterinary clinics. I have observed and assisted Catherine in teaching many of her weekly Sensible Puppy courses. Catherine’s expertise, knowledge and experience in the field are evident the first time you hear her speak, watch her interact with a puppy, or listen to her communicate with a puppy owner. She is truly a gifted teacher."

I Became a Better Instructor

Jill Evans

“Catherine and I first met through agility classes and I soon came to value her training help. At that time she was the Animal Behavior Technician at Purdue University’s Vet. School and she invited me to attend and informally assist in some puppy classes she taught there. Her teaching style was engaging and fun for puppy owners as well as those of us who “helped” in the class. Much of what I learned in her classes is incorporated into my own puppy classes, held in a Veterinary Clinic, where I have taught for 7 years. She was effective in teaching her students and me, because her presentation style is easy for people to grasp. She has a common sense approach along with professional training and experience that make her a great instructor. Her approach is one that I believe will help others who want to teach, become good instructors. It certainly has been beneficial to me!”

Instruction was a Game-Changer

Heather Girton

"Working with Catherine (both in a class setting and privately), was game-changing for our family. While I’ve had dogs in my family since I was a child, I’d never before entertained the idea of specialized training. Catherine prioritized human education, emphasizing our understanding of canine body language as yet one more way we could create a positive and respectful relationship with everyone in the family to Gemma. Of course, she’s a Labradoodle and we’re not perfect owners. But we love the heck out of that dog and so much of that love comes from feeling confident in ourselves. That confidence stems from learning from Catherine. Her clear, honest and direct teaching style is what every family dog owner should have the benefit of experiencing. The time and care she took with us as humans was incredible, and pales in comparison to the clear passion she has for working with dogs. I would recommend Catherine’s unique and outstanding skills to anyone who asks. Her knowledge and talents will forever change the way we raise our dogs."

Is this you?

Are you sometimes at a loss for words, finding it difficult to explain concepts to your clients? 

Do you struggle to retain clients?

Are your clients failing to register for a second session or class? 

Do you struggle with getting clients to do "homework" or to complete sessions? 

Are you bored of teaching the same old way and looking to refresh your approach?

How the 5-T Coaching Method Works

The 5-T Coaching Method simplifies the teaching-feedback loop. You can easily customize the method to ANYTHING you teach. The 5-Ts are a way through the fog for busy trainers and overwhelmed clients. You will know what to say to keep your students on track and get better results for them and their dogs.  Happy clients come back for more classes and tell their friends!

What Does 5-T help with?

If you are feeling frustrated by clients yawning in class, the 5-T Coaching Method will wake them up! If you are at a loss for what to say next, the 5-T Coaching Method will help you find your words. If your clients aren't getting great results, the 5-T Coaching Method will clarify your teaching. If you are afraid to teach online, the 5-T Coaching Method can boost your confidence. If you are tired of teaching the same old way, the 5-T Coaching Method can infuse energy into your teaching.
Smiling man squatting near dog with both hands on the dog's neck, giving it a good scratch.

You've Invested in Learning to Train Dogs

Now It's Time to Learn to Coach People

You've likely invested much time and money in becoming the best dog trainer you can be. Now, it's time to become the coach your clients deserve! The 5-T Coaching Method is an easy, memorable system you and your clients will love.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Welcome and Navigation

    • Woof! YOU ARE HERE!

    • Welcome to the 5-T Coaching Method Course

  • 3

    Module 1: Tickle Their Interest

    • 5T Module 1

    • Create Client Avatar

    • Create Tickle Statement

    • BONUS: Empathic Listening

    • BONUS: Non-Verbal Communication for Dog Trainers

    • ACTION SURVEY - Module 1

  • 4

    Module 2: Teach One Thing

    • Introduction to Module 2: TEACH

    • Module 2: Teach One Thing - Part 1

    • Module 2: Teach One Thing - Part 2


    • Build a TEACH Script: TEMPLATE

    • Comparisons EXAMPLE and TEMPLATE

    • RESOURCE: Blooms Taxonomy


    • ACTION SURVEY - Module 2

  • 5

    Module 3: Let Them Try

    • Introduction to Module 3: Try

    • Module 3: Try Part 1

    • Module 3: Try Part 2

    • ASSIGNMENT: Module 3 Try

    • Observation Log Template

    • BONUS: Observation Skills and Resources

    • BONUS: Human Body Language Resources

    • ACTION SURVEY - Module 3

  • 6

    Module 4: Tutor With Positive Reinforcement

    • Introduction to Module 4: Tutor

    • Module 4: Tutor

    • Coaching Ladder Tool

    • BONUS: 7 Tips for Handling Hecklers

    • ACTION SURVEY - Module 4

  • 7

    Module 5: Tell How to Follow Up

    • Welcome to Module 5: Tell

    • Module 5: Tell Them How to Practice

    • Example handout

    • Module 5 Tell: Assignment

    • ACTION SURVEY - Module 5

  • 8

    Module 6: Testimonials and Referrals

    • Introduction to Module 6: Testimonials and Referrals

    • Module 6 Testimonials and Referrals

    • ACTION SURVEY - Module 6

Self-Paced Course with Social Support

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